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Nintendo Switch The legend of ZELDA breath of the wild / DLC season ticket download / download code seconds

I bought DLC how do i open DLC? Then play there?

You enter the game to see the bottom right corner is not the game version 1.30, dlc2.0

If you can, add a new clothes helmet, transfer coat of arms, sword of the trial and the difficulty of the master, which requires you to re-open the master difficulty, the other can be completed in the original archive. ps: update the loading time longer, and more patience and so on

How to open the road map of their own

Open the map by x bars

You can play back, see you remember the way, there are dead places

Re-open the file after the old still?

Still, two models of different files, master mode church in front of there are sledgehammer silver horse

English into the store, the upper right corner of the head into the left redownload, see inside is not available to download the Zelda, that is dlc Japanese words to see the picture above the game back!

Download code input are into the mall below the input number where the exchange

Do not go to the top of the head to add the extra charge! That is where the red card!

The wrong local code will show: 2811-6052

Season tickets include 2 DLC content, will be updated within this year, the purchase of season tickets can get season ticket Code: 3 new chest . They are in the game "Great Plateau" area, which contains useful props with exclusive Switch theme game costumes.

The first bomb DLC "trial of the tyrants" ( June 30 open ) included:

1, the sword of the trial: in the absence of equipment will be the case of the enemy all the eradication of the "sword of the trial" challenge, all clearance 45 rooms, the master sword attack power will always reach the maximum.

2, additional footprint mode: This is a way through their own can be clearly distinguishable with the naked eye map function, the player over 200 hours of archiving data footprints can be displayed.

3, additional difficult mode: the strength of the enemy to enhance a level, and physical strength will slowly reply, the general model did not debut the most enemy will appear, the air there are enemies and chests.

4, additional transfer mark function: the current location and location of the record on the map, only one place to log in a place.

DLC season ticket

DLC season ticket